Elia coppe, pioneers of convenience in the awards

Between Langhe and Monferrato
A land dedicated to wine. Here the earth is drawn by rows that decorate the hills. Here making wine is culture, passion, tradition. We are in Canelli, in the province of Asti, between the Langhe and Monferrato, a land that over time has become a world heritage of humanity: virtue of the Asti sparkling wine, tenacity of the people who live here. In the fifties, in this small town there is a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers who works with precision and precision. The family is called Elia and in the workshop, known throughout the province, Cesare and his son Enrico work. After the war Enrico, called by all Giovanni, has many ideas in his head. He studied at the gymnasium, worked in the family business, graduated as an optician and inherited the title of goldsmith from his father.


The concreteness of a dream
The fifties are about to give way to a new world and Giovanni feels it. These are years when everything is booming. A positive and engaging explosion that leads to the desire to do. Sport also suffers: competition, tournaments, competitions and events are on the rise. The requests for gold medals at the Elia workshop are also increasing.


Day and night
Giovanni understands that with new methods and new machinery you can not only satisfy this demand that rises like the sugars of the wine, but you can produce more and at a lower price. John sees beyond the country, the city, the region. He decides to invest in a fleet of machines that can produce even non-gold medals. Dad is against, he doesn’t want to know how to get his hands dirty with less precious metals like brass. Giovanni is a tough head, though. He knows that reality is changing: black and white TV shows images from all over the world. In the street more and more cars are circulating, even the lifestyle is evolving. During the day he continues his work in the workshop with his father. At night he makes gold and brass medals in the attic of the house.


New scenarios on the horizon
The medals like them so much that everyone wants them: they are cheap and they are beautiful. Giovanni sells them at factory price, to get the market. Smart move, which makes it competitive. In a short time they also asked him for cups and trophies and Giovanni to complete his offer began to distribute the cups of Luigi Fasola, which offers quality products. Subsequently, to reduce costs and satisfy an ever-increasing demand, he begins to assemble his cups using unusual materials, such as parts for chandeliers.


A European triumph
The Seventies peek: Giovanni hires staff, buys land and builds his plant. Elia’s medals, cups, trophies run and triumph not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe. Giovanni adopts a simple and effective strategy: to always guarantee the best price on the market. Success is deserved, the result of a tireless inclination to the new.


From production to distribution
In the eighties the company is in full growth: the machinery is increased with the purchase of two new presses for the production of iron cups and the products begin to be painted internally. The foreign market expands and in the nineties the company touches the pinnacle of success. Elia Coppe becomes leader in Europe: France, Spain; and then Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Even America knows and appreciates Elia products. In the nineties Giovanni starts buying parts of the product outside Italy because the prices are more competitive. The products are artfully assembled, stored and distributed with extreme care in the packaging, thus minimizing the risk of breakage during transport. Distribution takes place through established channels: engravers and retailers of gadgets. During the Nineties, Elia products reach very high profit margins for retailers, allowing up to 400% top-ups. This has allowed some companies in the sector to grow at Italian and international level. Giovanni lays the foundations for a new future for the company that in the early 2000s passes into the hands of his son Andrea. The future, the big bet, is in the delivery times. The objective, to differentiate itself from the competition, is “just in time”.


Same-day shipping
Once again Giovanni is among the first to understand it: the goal for the future of the company is same-day shipping. A mantra that Giovanni repeats every day. And that becomes reality: the customer requests even a minimum quantity of goods and the company immediately sends it. Same-day shipping becomes the flagship of the company and remains its strong point today.


New frontiers
In 2013 Andrea won the “most innovative prize” at the EUROTROPHEX international exhibition in Amsterdam. In 2015 he invented the medal-cup, which immediately became popular: more than one hundred and fifty thousand units were sold that year. For Andrea design is fundamental: it is what allows us to stand out, to make a difference. Design, but also service: the company is more oriented towards customer needs, in an increasingly complicated market where urgency is now the rule.


The numbers of a record
Elia Coppe is an institution in the sector: for history, tradition, quality and seriousness. It has always sold only to shopkeepers, helping them to grow and obtaining from them continuous trust. In over fifty years of activity Elia Coppe has assembled and sold forty million cups and trophies: numbers that make the company deserve the highest step of the podium.